It started with an accident

Our founder, Marli Mastrianni didn't set out to start a non-profit organization. A car accident involving a drunk driver changed her life forever in 2006. The accident left her with a traumatic brain injury and that's where Jake came in. Jake was individually trained to perform specific tasks for Marli that would assist her with the lasting effects of the accident.

Marli & JakeMarli & Jake

"I've experienced first-hand how helpful animals can be, and know how hard it is when individuals experience a tragedy or trauma."

What came next was no accident

It was clear early on that Jake was an extraordinary dog with super-senses that extended far beyond Marli's needs. At a chance family gathering (and without prompting), Jake located someone there who he sensed needed his gentle understanding and unspoken support. That young lady was about to face an emotionally difficult court trial and Jake's presence calmed and encouraged her. Marli wished she could "lend" Jake to her for support and comfort.


And so, the journey began

Marli also realized that it was very likely that Jake could extend those gifts of comfort and support to others who had experienced physical and emotional trauma or tragedy.
"For those who don't require a full-time service animal as I do, but may need help to navigate a rough time - be it a court hearing, difficult medical or counseling appointments, treatment programs, or chemotherapy. We are here to aide them with the comfort that animals can bring". That's how Jake's Journey was created.

Callie & JakeCallie & Jake

"When Jake came into my life shortly after the accident, he totally changed it. His assistance helped me get my independence back. His presence made my family less fearful, and he brought sight to an unseen issue. He brought LOVE and a lot of it!"

"It's our desire, with Jake's Journey, to help those who could benefit from a service animal in some way"

Update: Today, that very same girl who sparked the conversation that led to the creation of Jake's Journey now has her own super-special service dog. Like Jake, Koda is trained to perform very specific tasks that help his girl navigate her world.

Ashleigh & KodaKoda

Now we invite you to join us on the Journey

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